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March 22, 2016

The Gemstones That Inspire Our Designs


Fifteen years ago, I set off towards the Southern mountains of Mexico where I began my journey as a jeweler. As I became enchanted by the beautiful landscape and vibrancy of the terrain, I soon found myself learning about semi-precious stones and an ancient technique of silver – something that would allow me to harmoniously craft the jewellery around the stone.


Precious gemstones have long been linked with astrology, the flow of energy and certain mystical powers. The meanings and associated benefits of the individual stones coupled with their natural appeal and beauty have led to these gemstones being considered valuable and popular throughout history.


While on my journey through Mexico, several of the gemstones I encountered became favourites of mine. Astrologers long ago attributed powers to certain gemstones and I thought it would be interesting to share the benefits and special powers of my most favored gemstones with you in this month’s blog post!


Bullrush Pendant in Labradorite

bullrush-pendant-748x1024Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective gemstone that originates from the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. While wearing this it acts as a powerful guardian angel for your aura, and enhances the spiritual and mental prowess of the wearer. This extraordinary stone has a wide variety of calming and psychic benefits including alleviating the stresses from an overactive mind, easing insomnia, and helping to keep out those little insecurities.

White labradorite, also known as ‘moonstone’, is a key gemstone for boosting self-confidence and enhancing the connection to your higher self.

Labradorite is a perfect piece for anyone born in July or who is a Gemini or Leo, who are all lucky enough to have this as their birthstone!


Poppy Pendant in Rough Emerald

Maddy_high rez008 Poppy Pendant


This catching emerald has strong connections to fertility and love, and was considered so special that the Ancient Romans even dedicated it to Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. The emerald, found in Africa and Colombia, gives a nice boost to inspiration, focus, self-esteem, and encourages success in both love and business. I always make sure to wear emerald when I am working on creating new designs and need that extra inspiration.

Emerald is the birthstone for those born in May, or for anyone who falls under the Taurus, Gemini and Cancer star signs.

Lagoon Pendant in Druzy


One of our most desired items is the beautiful druzy gemstone. This particular stone is titanium coated druzy which adds to its luster and appeal, while retaining all the benefits of the druzy agate. The eye-catching design is caused by the glittering effect of a layer of fine crystals which lay on top of the mineral. After this it is coated in titanium to highlight the sparkly effect and enhance the colour. It was created slowly over millions of years and can be found both in the USA and Europe, where it was placed in tombs to assist in passing through different realms. This gemstone is useful for aiding positivity, activating chakras, and clearing the mind for meditation.

Different colours have their own individual meanings. Green enhances self-control and healing capabilities. Pink symbolizes love and respect. Blue is for mental strength, inner peace and clarity. There are so many varieties of colours and with this beautiful druzy effect is even more stunning!
Each material used in Gallardo & Blaine jewellery has been individually sourced from around the world, ensuring we are using the highest quality materials and handpicking the brightest, most unusual and unique eye-catching gemstones. Not only do we fashion our designs into wearable jewellery but we transform them into little works of art. Each chosen stone differs slightly in size and colour rendering all our stones truly unique.