Statement vs Subtle Jewellery

December 21, 2015

‘Delicate, elegant and timeless’  Subtle jewellery



‘Big, bold and beautiful’ Statement jewellery

Which one would you choose?



Christmas is getting closer each day and with it, so is the New Year.  Whether you are relaxing at home for the festive season or spending time with your family and friends out in the town, your choice of jewellery can go a long way.

In recent times, subtle jewellery has become overshadowed by statement pieces.  But it hasn’t been forgotten!  We believe subtle necklaces are the perfect item to wear this Christmas, as they are elegantly minimalist and very chic.  They remind us that Christmas is about spreading love and remembering the little things that bring us joy.

Swirl Necklace-460x430

As for New Year’s Eve, try looking for an alternative outfit to the traditional sequinned dress and make a lasting impact with a simple black dress and a glamorous statement necklace.  Statement pieces are bold, attract instant attention and are a fantastic way to liven up any outfit.  Whether you choose earrings, necklaces or rings they will uniquely show off your personality.

Orchard Flame Necklace Labradorit WR-460x430

Here at Gallardo & Blaine we recommend wearing a sleek, subtle necklace for Christmas and going the nontraditional route for that New Year’s Eve party, by bringing out a glamorous statement necklace.  After all, nothing says New Year’s like adding some sparkle and shimmer to your outfit!

What is your go-to jewellery for the winter holidays, statement or subtle?